Seven Years Since the Oil Spilled

Living Lightly

Florida, BP oil spill, sea turtles

BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded seven years ago on April 20, 2010. I recently did a book signing for Trails in the Sandmy novel that uses the oil spill as the backdrop to the drama unfolding in one family. “The race to save wildlife from tar balls approaching Florida’s beaches runs parallel to a reporter’s quest to save her family from an equally disastrous end,” I explained to a potential customer.

The customer gave me a puzzled look. “What was Deepwater Horizon?” he asked. “I forget.”

Please don’t forget. We must hold behemoths such as BP accountable for their actions. What was Deepwater Horizon? It was a horror where eleven men died and untold damage was done to our wildlife and the environment. Please remember.

To honor the lives lost and the destruction created through neglect of safety procedures, click here to download Trails in the Sand

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#WATWB – NYC to Build 90 New Homeless Shelters in Five Years

#WATWB -Spread the light.

Living Lightly

Hello – The news is filled with plenty of the negative these days, but there are many stories out there of folks doing positive things to make a difference in our world.  As a result, I’m participating in We are the World Blogfest with other bloggers who want to bring some light to our world and share news of hope.

The hosts for the March #WATWB are Belinda Witzenhausen, Lynn HallbrooksSimon Falk, Sylvia McGrath, and Damyanti Biswas. Please visit their blogs and read the good news they have to share.

I found an article that warmed my heart. We need to do more to help the homeless in our country, and here’s a model for other communities published on the Good News Network. Read the entire story here –  New York City to Build 90 New Homeless Shelters in Five Years – Good News…

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Republicans and Democrats: The Hypocritical Team

Josep Goded

Since its beginnings, Wikileaks has aroused both hatred and veneration among its followers and detractors as much as any other worldwide organization. However, what is most striking is that a large number of these people, including Donald Trump and the U.S. Democratic Party, have changed their opinions about Wikileaks several times over the last few years, revealing a high degree of hypocrisy.

In 2010, after Wikileaks published hundreds of thousands of classified documents and videos provided by Chelsea Manning, President Trump said:

“WikiLeaks is disgraceful, there should be like the death penalty or something.”

At the time of the above statement, Trump was often criticizing Wikileaks and its staffers. However, during the last Presidential campaign, Trump changed his mind, and started to praise Wikileaks’ work while encouraging the group to continue disclosing secrets related to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. He also suggested that Wikileaks was the most reliable media…

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cropped-firstamendment.jpgOn March 15, flood the White House with your postcards to Donald Trump, telling him your thoughts on his presidency. Some have suggested these should be vitriolic and suggest he be fired to get under his skin. You can do what you want, but I think that just lowers myself to his level. I don’t plan to go there.Write your message following good forms of ettiquette. In other words, don’t be like him.

Here’s my advice. Write your message following good forms of etiquette. In other words, don’t be like him.

  • Be polite.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Stand your position and ask for his action.
  • Use a fact if you can.
  • Stay on message.

Postcards don’t have to go through security and will be delivered directly to the White House.

Here’s where to send them:

Donald J. Trump

The White House

1600 Pensylvania Avenue NW

Washington DC 20500

I am writing mine this morning. Each one will address an issue I feel is extremely important. Here are some of the themes of the postcards I’m sending:

  • Stop tweeting
  • Release your income taxes
  • Stop name calling and focus on the job
  • Read and recognize the science behind climate change
  • Recognize losing health insurance is a death penalty for those who are ill
  • The wealthy are not superior
  • Planned Parenthood gives a lifeline to the poor for birth control, health checkups, yearly exams, and advice. Do not de-fund this important resource for our poor.

I will probably come up with more as I write, but this is a start.

Please join the movement and inundate the White House with postcards that are a mandate and a cry to become a “human being president.”



This sums up my thoughts since the weekend of unhinged tweets. Fear for what happens next surrounds me. All this worry about immigrants? The worry for who sits with the nuclear codes at his fingertips is much more frightening. He must be opposed.


donald-trump-psychopathI sit here, worried and wondering: when will the sullen moments of a disturbed leader turn into more than toddler tantrums and become psychopathic rage that will bury us all?

It is hard to believe this perpetual farce occurring in America is real and not a particularly implausible and depressing episode of The Twilight Zone.

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Stephen Bannon: the Person Who Is Silently Changing the World

He is the man to fear most of all. The puppeteer.

Josep Goded

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, both the national and the international media have frequently focused on Trump’s plans to target immigration and dismantle the existing health-care and education systems. However, most of them have ignored the fact that the real author of these plans is not Trump, but his principal advisor, Stephen Bannon, who is a despicable and intelligent person, and refuses any sort of prominence to focus on his work without raising suspicions.

Bannon demonstrated his intelligence and influence during the last presidential election when he was the person most responsible (a campaign chief) for planning Trump’s campaign that eventually led his victory. Bannon was also the personwho recommended that Trump use fierce rhetoric against immigration, the media, and the establishment. Without his presence there Trump would not have been elected…

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