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This blog is a place for my commentary on the current political events that commenced with the inauguration of a new president of the United States of America on January 20, 2017. The posts of this blog will all be in support of the First Amendment and defend all rights that threaten our democracy and republic.

I will reblog and repost relevant articles, and where possible, provide action that can be taken.

I believe passionately in this country and its Constitution. We must not let it be destroyed by the ego-maniacal actions of one man.


Getting ready for Women's March on Tallahassee

Getting ready for Women’s March on Tallahassee

About Patricia Camburn Zick – Teacher and learner, author, editor, reporter, publisher, mother, wife, aunt, and friend are the roles I’ve assumed over the years. I led with the career words, not because they are the most important to me, but they are the most important credentials for writing this blog. My personal credentials provide the reason I feel it’s my duty to be a voice for the First Amendment.

My day job consists of writing fiction and editing the works of others. In my fiction, I always attempt to have a moral theme, even if it is a sweet romance. Currently, I’m writing a romance about veterans suffering from PTSD, but who are ignored by our society.

However, I’m finding it difficult to settle down to my writing when so much is happening in our government. Never before in my lifetime have I felt that my freedoms as a citizen of this great country were in jeopardy. That changed on January 20. I feel threatened for not only myself, but for anyone who dissents or who falls into categories deemed “undesirable” by the new president. This includes the denigration of the press, the wholesale order to deport immigrants who are questionable, the destruction of health insurance for millions. I could continue, but then I’d never get any work done today. If you’re reading this page, then you¬†know about the threats we face.

I want this site to be more than a complaint blog. I will be sure to post good information on what you can do, who you can contact, and how you can make your voice heard. We do have the right to speak out. After all, the first amendment still exists. Let’s defend it with all we have.