LibDem Fischer

Of course I am delighted by the election outcome in general:

Theresa May did not get her mandate or blank check to do as she likes and
the LibDems gained more seats. I campaigned relentlessly in this election and am glad that I was able to do so.

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“If I only lose 6 seats Jeremy Corbyn will be on the negotiation table” TM said, asking us to give her a mandate for Hard Brexit, the dementia tax and fox hunting.
Well, she lost a few more than those 6 seats.  She’s still in office but she has lost most of her power.

I’d say “thank god” were it not for the DUP, the extremist party that could hold us all to ransom with god knows what type of outlandish and medieval remands.DB54xXNXYAkZiHS.jpg

Isn’t it remarkable how in 2015 the Tories campaigned against a SNP dictating politics in Westminster if Labour…

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