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I’m not going to state the obvious about the quote from James Humes. You can draw your own conclusions. But I would like to point out two things that crowd my thoughts today. The first is an observation, and the second is just plain common sense born from my love of language and using it properly.

First, if a person must tell you all the time that they are smart and great and huge, then I suggest, they really aren’t any of those things at all. Two pieces by John Steinbeck resonate this truth.

“He said, “I am a man,” and that meant certain things to Juana. It meant that he was half insane and half god.”
John Steinbeck, The Pearl

Let me modify, this quote from one of my favorite novels. It means he “thinks” he’s “half god.”

“Perhaps the less we have, the more we are required to brag.”
John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Now to the common sense part of this post. What we say reveals our humanity, integrity, thoughtfulness, and intelligence. The man masquerading as the President of the United States shows none of these things. His vocabulary is limited–someone put a thesaurus on the teleprompters, please–to “very,” “huge,” “sad,” and “fake.”

And the way in which he uses the words makes no sense. The latest is his admission that he believes the media is “fake media.” There is no such thing as “fake” media. It either exists as a form of communication with the public or it does not. It can be dishonest media, abhorrent (he probably doesn’t know the meaning of this word) media, or persistent media. But the fact is, if it is putting out information, whether it’s false or against your beliefs, it is real, not fake.

It’s embarrassing to have this man speak in public or with his fingers on his phone. He will never be my president because he will never speak for me.