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Totalitarianism is a form of government where the state has total power, but in a democracy, the people of a country (or region) vote to elect leaders who act on their behalf. A totalitarianism government typically has a dictator that leads it, like Benito Mussolini in Italy during World War II.

So what happens when the people’s vote didn’t count or was unfairly influenced by partisan power tampering and outside forces, such as the authoritarian government of Russia?


Twenty-five days in, and my worst fears have come true about the new president. However, I imagined it would take much more time–perhaps twenty-five months, not days–to unravel.

Xenophobic acts, egocentric remarks, moronic tweets, horrible choices for cabinet members, non-democratic discourse, and actions verging on treason–these are but a few of the things we’re witnessing on an hourly basis from this chaotic administration.

When I originally started this blog, I hoped to write about the things I felt needed attention as a result of the order. But I am overwhelmed by the number of topics I would have to tackle. I simply don’t know where to begin.

I’m not alone. And perhaps that’s a part of the strategy. Wear the opposition down until they stop struggling under the weight of oppression.

Then again, maybe in another twenty-five days, this strategy will have turned inside on itself, and the checks and balances created by our founders will actually work. Then the national nightmare may be over.

I do wonder if everyone who voted for him still feels they did the right thing. I don’t mean the ramble from the rallies. I mean the ones who were swayed by the James Comey actions ten days before the election. I refer to the ones who were simply worn down by the continual leaks about the DNC and Hillary and their emails. Do they feel remorse now?

After writing some of this, I do know where to start. James Comey isn’t mentioned much these days, but we should not forget two crucial things. He knew about the president’s assistants association with Russian representatives during the campaign. Yet, he decided it was too explosive, too controversial, too partisan for him to go public with the information. Fast forward to ten days before the general election when Comey suddenly decides to come forward with the information about Anthony Weiner’s email account that may have had access to Hillary Clinton’s email server. He holds a press conference and announces an investigation. Ooops, he didn’t have enough information, which he announced two days before the election after absentee ballots and early voting had been cast. Too late. And far too partisan. Partisan doesn’t even describe it.

james-comeyHe should not be in charge of the FBI, and I believe, he should be charged with tampering with the Presidential Election of 2016.

That’s where we start.





The 2016 Presidential Election was tampered with and the wrong person is sitting in the hillaryOval Office right now. Imagine the work that could be taking place right now if we weren’t dealing with Nordstroms, fake news, alternate facts, clandestine meetings, and allowing Russia to laugh all the way to the bank of power and destruction.